Dave Ordini


Dave Ordini has studied Krav Maga under the watchful eye of the United States lead instructor, David Kahn, for the last 6 years as well as other martial arts for an additional 12 years.  Dave Ordini received his instructors certification from the Grand Master of the Krav Maga system, Hiam Gidon, in the summer of 2006 and has been a pivotal role in the expansion of students as well as new instructors at the flagship facility in Hamilton, NJ.

Dave has studied with Krav Maga’s and other Martial Arts elite in:

Counter Terrorism Techniques

Police and Military Armed and Unarmed Combatives

Active Shooter Scenarios

Women’s Self Defense

Japanese and Brazilian Ju Jitsu

Muay Thai

Jeet Kune Do

Eskrima and Kali knife and stick fighting

Dave will be the co-lead instructor under Mr. Kahn at the new 49th street location in Manhattan.

Dave Ordini will be leading the adult group, kids, and women’s KravMaga Strong classes, as well as any private, corporate, and government or private security requests.